Kettlebell Training Benefits

Maybe you’ve already noticed them in your gym – kettlebells are finding their way into gyms more and more often. Next to barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and the like, the round weights quickly get lost and don’t get the attention they deserve. Not least because kettlebell training is more demanding and for many simply unknown. Have you ever wondered what the benefits of kettlebells are and why you should train with them? We’ll explain why it’s definitely worth integrating them into your workout and why kettlebells can be a real upgrade for your workout!

1 You train more efficiently

Endurance, strength and coordination – training with a kettlebell combines all of these! This way you train not only your body, but also your concentration and mental strength. Overall, the training becomes more intense due to the high demand, which is why you can shorten the duration of your workout. So with the right intensity, you’re not only training more efficiently, but you’re also saving time in the process – if that’s not a good deal?

2 You train several muscle groups at the same time

When training with kettlebells, you usually never train just one muscle group in isolation. Each exercise involves multiple joints and requires interaction between several muscle groups, which becomes more efficient over time. As a result, you’ll see quicker results and you’ll notice how whole movements become easier and you’ll improve quickly.

3 You always train your abs as well

Due to the fact that the center of gravity of the weight is outside the handle, unlike with dumbbells, and in addition to the weight, the centrifugal forces from the generated momentum act on your body, your torso must constantly stabilize. It must compensate for the imbalance. In this way you will burn your abdominal muscles with almost every exercise!

4 You increase your calorie consumption

By working more muscle groups, you increase your calorie consumption. For example, you can add kettlebells to your HIIT session for a more intense workout in less time. This is good news for all those who want to save cardio training or shorten it.

Training with kettlebells is functional because you use multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time, significantly improving your movement quality and efficiency. So the strength you’ll build over time will transfer perfectly to your everyday life. Carrying groceries, hoisting a heavy backpack on your back without having to contort yourself, lifting a heavy vase from the top shelf…and your risk of injury decreases too! This everyday relevance is so lacking with barbells or equipment. Definitely another reason to get the kettlebell!

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